American tank in a sandstorm during the Iraq War,
March 2003

About This Site

These timelines are an attempt to trace the developments that led to 9/11, to describe the events of the day of September 11, and to follow the troubled times after the attacks.

Before September 11, the main focus is on the Middle East and on the rise of terrorism and counter-terrorism, but some American political, diplomatic, and economic developments are included as well.  After the attacks, the timelines cover a much wider range of topics, but generally concentrate on the United States and the Middle East.

For entries dealing with the late 1990s onwards, most of the information in these chronologies has been gathered from the Internet, usually from news sites.  Except for a few very well known events,  I’ve noted the source for virtually every entry, and interested readers should be able to readily find these materials by doing a search.  Some useful news archive search links can be found on my links page.  I also have copies of most of the articles and documents that I’ve cited, as well as their web addresses, and I’d be happy to provide them on request.

I should point out that I am not a historian and I am not a journalist.  I am not by any stretch of the imagination an authority on the Middle East, on terrorism, on diplomacy, on the military, on the news media, on American politics, on economics, or on any of the main topics of this chronology.  I was not a direct eyewitness to any of the major events covered in these timelines.  In short, I don’t have any special qualifications for dealing with this subject matter.  I should also mention that I am not a member of any organization - this project is purely personal.

In general, my outlook is pessimistic.

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