The 9/11 attacks changed the world, suddenly ushering in an era of instability and insecurity that seems likely to persist for years.

Thereís a great deal of misinformation about the attacks, their background, and their consequences.  Iíve attempted to help sort out the confusion by putting together a set of detailed chronologies covering the events that led to and led from 9/11, as well as a timeline of the day of September 11. 


(1) Background to 9/11

1948-1978: The Birth of the Modern Middle East

1979-1986: The Rise of Islamist Extremism

1987-1992: New World Order

1993-1995: Lost Chance - The Oslo Era

1996-1998: Bin Laden Proclaims Jihad

1999-2000: Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

January-June, 2001: Swing to the Right

July-September 10, 2001: Countdown

(2) The Day of 9/11

Part I: To the Fall of the Towers

Part II: The Aftermath



(3)  After the Attacks
September 12, 2001

September 13, 2001

September 14, 2001

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