Lyric (Man on a Horse) - Kandinsky, 1911


Change was fast and intense at the turn of the Twentieth Century.  The world was being transformed by a flood of new inventions and new concepts - movies and radio, assembly lines and suburbs, comic strips and the Theory of Relativity all appeared for the first time, along with much, much more.  Suddenly, people could fly, travel by automobile, control disease. Anything seemed possible.  

But these great waves of change were colliding with social, political, and economic systems that were outmoded and unresponsive.  Everywhere there were calls for radical reform, and everywhere the old order resisted fiercely.  Around the planet, there were riots, political turmoil, and labor unrest; in Russia, Mexico, and China there were full-scale revolutions.  Traditional beliefs seemed to be in decay, and newer, more extreme ideas began to germinate: embryonic versions of communism and fascism were beginning to emerge. 

Instability spilled over into international relations.  It was an age when everything seemed to be up for grabs, and the Great Powers became ever more aggressive in the pursuit of supremacy, while ambitious smaller nations opportunistically played for advantage.  Crisis followed crisis until statesmen lost the will to avoid a complete breakdown.  In the end, this promising era collapsed into the immense catastrophe of the First World War. 

I’ve put together a collection of highly detailed timelines covering this era, organizing some chronologies by subject or topic (such as music, or labor, or medicine), some by nation or region (dealing mostly with internal politics), and some by event (generally diplomacy or war).  


Nations and Regions:

Chinese Chronology  1904-1914, including the Chinese Revolution of 1911

Mexican Chronology  1904-1914, including the first phases of the Mexican Revolution

Russian Chronology  1904-1914, including the Revolution of 1905 and its aftermath

United States Chronology  1904-1914

Subjects and Topics:

Exploration Chronology  1904-1914

Performing Arts Chronology  1904-1914, including film, theater, opera, and dance

Flight Chronology  1903-1914

Literature Chronology  1904-1914

Medical Chronology  1904-1914

Music Chronology   1904-1914

Science Chronology  1904-1914

Visual Arts Chronology  1904-1914, including painting, illustration, sculpture, photography, cartoons, and architecture

Wars and Diplomacy:

Balkan Crises Chronology  international events involving the Balkans and the Ottoman Empire 1903-1914

Russo-Japanese War Chronology  1904-1905, with origins back to the 17th Century

Moroccan Crises Chronology   the Crises of 1905-1906 and 1911, and international events involving Morocco 1903-1914

Tripolitanian War Chronology  1911-1912

July Crisis Chronology  July 1914: the immediate cause of WWI

August 1914 Chronology  the opening campaign on the Western Front, to the First Battle of the Marne

And - completely unrelated...

9/11 Chronology

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